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Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality

Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality

Witchcraft is a pagan religion. Pagan religions worship multiple deities rather than a single god. Paganism is one of the oldest religions and includes all religions that are not Christian,...

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What Is Paganism?

Why Is Atheism More Popular Than Ever? http://bit.ly/1NsazV3 Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml In ancient, times before Christianity ruled, paganism was the primary faith of ancient...

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Why I Changed From Christianity To Paganism

In an earlier video I shared with you about the spiritual path of modern paganism and what it means to be a pagan. But prior to being pagan I was actually a very strong Christian! So how come...

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Paganism Documentary-The Pagan Path (trailer), with Rev. Devon Rachelle, Shaman Smith

Paganism Documentary--The Pagan Path is an educational documentary intended to dispel falsehoods about Neopaganism and Natural Magic, and to build community. Now available at AMAZON: http://amzn.t...

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13 Little Lessons I've Learned from Being Pagan

Hi Friends! Website: http://www.arcane-alchemy.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arcanealchemy/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArcaneAlchemy1.

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Pagan Pride UK 2017

A beautiful video of a wonderful day. Pagan Pride 2017 was once again a huge success, especially with 600-700 people in the parade! That's amazing! Thank you to all who attended and/or participate...

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Q&A. Stephen Mcnallen, Nordic Paganism for Everyone?

Red Ice: http://www.redicemembers.com/radio.php https://www.youtube.com/user/RedIceRadio Main Page; Coaching, Biography, Sponsors, Contact, Sunday Summary, PC Specs, etc: http://narcissus.se/...

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Finnish Paganism 1/5

Part 1: http://paganism.purzuit.com/video/EECuStMRD8w.html Part 2: http://paganism.purzuit.com/video/fEeMNYvZbXk.html Part 3: http://paganism.purzuit.com/video/MSGcsssoFqo.html Part 4: http://paganism.purzuit.com/video/T.html...

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Paganism of Ancient Rome

In this video I look at some pagan temples and statues and mosaics of pagan gods to get an idea of what pagan practice was actually like in Ancient Rome. I visit the Pantheon in Rome and several...

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Irish Pagan Culture: Witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry

This presentation was given for University College Cork's Doctoral Showcase 2011. It is a synopsis of an ethnographic research project on Irish Pagan culture. Jenny Butler's research profile:...

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Nimrod and the Tower of Babel | Paganism | Occultism.

Bible verses about Nimrod... Sun God/Underworld/Snake Worship : Nimrod, Gilgames, Tammuz, The Dragon, Dagon, Odin, Shiva, Mithra, Sol, Lucifer...Statue of Liberty, Marduk, Amun/Amon Ra, Horus,...

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Lithuania's Happy Paganism

Lithuania survived communism and preserved its Catholic identity. But Lithuania's enduring pagan past has survived both communism and Catholicism. This film looks at the glorious nature of...

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The Pagan Roots of The Philosophy of Evolution

The Roots Of Evolution With Paul James-Griffiths Did the theory of evolution start with Charles Darwin? If not, whose work was he building on, and from where did they get their influences?...

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Norse Paganism for dummies

This video is for educational purposes only. Negative comments will not be responded to.

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The Pagan Roots of Christmas

It's Christmastime everyone, as you can tell from the name, it has a lot to do with Christ and Christianity, after all, Jesus was born on the 25th of December, right? Well, not quite. Most...

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Stonehenge Stoners & Worshipping Wizards: 12 Hours at the World’s Biggest Pagan Party

We traveled to Stonehenge on the summer solstice—one of the most sacred days for pagans—to find out if the event's spiritual significance has survived the recent influx of drunken revelers....

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Christianity is Pagan

First, THERE A FEW ERRORS IN REGARDS TO THE VIDEO AND THE THEORY OF PAGANISM IN RELIGIONS SUCH AS ISLAM: 1. Prophet Mohammed was not born on Dec. 25 nor any of the pagan traditions associated...

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The Vedas and European Paganism

NEW THOMAS SHERIDAN BOOK ON MAGIC AND SORCERY http://www.lulu.com/shop/thomas-sheridan/sorcery-the-invocation-of-strangeness/paperback/product-23542245.html.

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AM I PAGAN ? ... Why Am I ? What is paganism ? ... Nature / tree worship

http://mullaneywestwood.com/ Writer Stephen Mullaney-Westwood discusses why he refers to himself as a pagan ... and what that means to him. Author of the novel 'Forgotten Things' and of...

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Anglo-Saxon and Norse Paganism: Were they the Same?

In this one I'll be talking about the religions followed by the Anglo-Saxons and the Norse Vikings and whether these were the same or different. Also it's Christmas so from now until Christmas...

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How Christianity Adopted Pagan Practices and Holidays - The False Church Deception Exposed

What is the real history of Christianity? From Constantine and sun god worship to the modern false church system, the deception regarding the Bible has been propagated from centuries of pagan...

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What is Pagan? - 119 Ministries

Pagan. Heathen. Gentile. We all know that false god worship is bad. We know that false god worship is pagan, but is everything that is pagan, bad? What's the difference between something...

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What is Paganism? 📚 Back to Basics

This video answers the question of what paganism is, what the terms is defined as and represents, and what types of pagan religions exists. I hope this is OK for you. Please like this video...

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Finding your Deity, Finding Your Pantheon In Paganism

Lady Leeanna talks about the emotion and depth involved with finding and becoming at one with a deity. The searching it takes to find the right pantheon and God/Goddess(s). She tells of her...

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Christianity and Paganism

Professor Luke Timothy Johnson examines the influence of paganism on Christianity.

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2. Book Recommendations (Norse Paganism)

My Norse Pagan Book Recomendations. 1. The Poetic Edda trans. by Lee M. Hollander 2. The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson (trans. by Jean I. Young) 3. Saga of the Volsungs, The Norse Epic of...

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